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Be The One to Change The Game - Giving Challenge 2016

Be The One to Change The Game - Giving Challenge 2016

Bradenton, Fla - State College of Florida athletic teams are amongst the most successful in the state of Florida and nation.  The Manatees have won 19 State Championships, over 20 national tournament appearances, over 50 All-Americans, and hundreds of All-State and All-Conference athletes.  This Tradition of Excellence is only made possible with the support from generous support from friends and family of Manatees Athletics.

Each year SCF teams seek to enhance facilities, improve student-athlete's collegiate athletic experience, and pursue a championships in their respective sports.  Maintaining our competitive edge is and ongoing and purposeful pursuit by the Manatees Athletic Department.  September 20-21st a unique event will take place which can make a dramatic positive impact on the experience of our student-athletes, recruiting of top level student-athletes, and overall pursuit of championships for State College of Florida.

For ONLY 24 Hours, the Giving Challenge provides matching funds for ALL gifts of $25 - $100!  Gifts by first time donors will be matched at a rate of 2:1.  This means you can multiply your impact on Manatees teams!!  For example, let's assume you decide you would like to give a gift of $50 to SCF softball.  The Patterson Foundation will match your gift with $100 and your total impact on the softball team will be $150!! 

Returning donors will benefit from 1:1 matching from the Patterson Foundation.  So, just like last year, you would like to commit $100 to SCF Basketball.  The Patterson Foundation will match your gift and you can make a $200 impact on the Manatees with your $100 donation.

Here is how you can help SCF Athletics benefit from the Giving Challenge

1.  Make a gift between noon September 20th and noon September 21st to the State College of Florida Foundation or click on the logo below.


Don't want to risk forgetting to give during the 24 hour Giving challenge... Make a Commitment in ADVANCE by calling SCF's Alumni Coordinator Erica Wuorio at 941-752-5391.

2.   Indicate that you want your gift to support the entire athletic department or a specific sport (baseball, basketball, softball, tennis, or volleyball).  This can be done on the phone with Erica or in the comments section of the donation form. 

3.   REMEMBER this offer is only available for 24 hours, noon september 20th-noon September 21st

Thank you to the Community Foundation of Sarasota for presenting the Giving Challenge 2016.  We hope you will consider supporting the students, coaches, and Manatees athletic teams during this Giving Challenge. Be the one to be our GAME CHANGER! 

If you have any questions, please contact Erica Wuorio directly at 941-752-5391