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Physical Education Courses

Backpacking - LEI 1263
This course is a study of the efficiency of self-transportation and survival in undeveloped natural settings, and utilization and appreciation of our natural resources. Additional special fees are required. – 2 Credit Hours (A.A.)


Canoeing – PEN 2251
Personal development through canoeing activities is realized in this course. Additional special fees are required – 2 Credit Hours (A.A.)


Basketball Fundamentals - PEL 1261

This course is an introduction to the history, rules and basic fundamentals of basketball. There is an emphasis on skill, strategies, drills and the development of the philosophy of basketball. – 2 Credit Hours (A.A.)


League Bowling  - PEL 2111
Students will acquire the basic knowledge, skills, strategy and values of the sport of league bowling. Fundamental skills taught include grips, proper stance, approach, release and delivery. Additional special fees are required. 2 Credit Hours (A.A.)


Basic Conditioning and Weight Training – PEM 1130

Basic knowledge, skills and values of basic conditioning, weight training and personal fitness will be presented. Additional special fees are required. Note(s): See course comments in the schedule. – 2 Credit Hour (A.A.)


Principles of Athletic Training – PEM 2104

This course will provide the student with an introduction to athletic training which will include history, injury prevention, establishing a program for managing specific injuries and rehabilitation. An emphasis is on protective and preventive taping and injury recognition also will be provided. – 3 Credit Hours (A.A.)


Sports Officiating – PEO 2003

A thorough study of the rulebooks of different sports and techniques of officiating at various sports is provided. Several hours of practical field work in intramural programs or approved situations are required.  – 3 Credit Hours (A.A.)


Emergency CPR and First Aid - HSC 2401

This course includes a thorough study of approved practices in first aid, medical self-help and CPR which are essential for survival in emergency and disaster situations. Additional special fee is required. – 3 Credit Hours (A.A.)