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Twenty-seven Manatees Named NJCAA All-Academic

Twenty-seven Manatees Named NJCAA All-Academic

Bradenton, Fla - Twenty-seven Manatees student-athletes were named as All-Academic by the National Junior College Athletic Association.  This distinction is awarded in one of three honorary teams.  First team NJCAA All-Academic team members have earned a 4.00 GPA, second team earned a 3.80-3.99 GPA, and third team earned a 3.60- 3.79 during the 2016-17 academic year.  All students earning the award earned at least 24 semester hours and we're enrolled in two full-time semesters.

The SCF students honored as NJCAA All-Academic include five first team members, six second team members, and sixteen third team honorees.  This represents SCF's largest NjCAA All-Academic team.  Last year, sixteen Manatees earned this honor.  In which, just one earned first team honors.

NJCAA First Team All-Academic:  Brendon Little, Erika Ianovale, Marisa Beisner, Sara Kartolovic, and Tristen Pearson

NJCAA Second Team All-Academic:  Ava Schultz, Jessica Dills, Joshua Bonynge, Kathilia Bradshaw-Colon, Maria Zubkova, Vladimir Nunez

NJCAA Third Team All-Academic: Bethany Bonville, Brian Dillingham, Brock Bell, Carlee Lucas, Cassandra Shukitis, Courtney Harper, Eliska Trunekova, Grant Horwitz, Henry Ryan, Jessica Harney, Lauren Shively, Maria Medina, Marion Vaucher, Reilly Johnson, Samantha Grat, Tyler Romanik