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SCF Softball Alumni

6th Annual- Past, Present, Future Day - Saturday, Jan. 19th, 2014

Alumni Game begins at 10am!


Dear Softball Alums,

I first want thank you for helping to pave the way for the AMAZING program we have today. As an alum myself, I know how much fun it can be to reunite with your former teammates and friends. This year we will host our 4th annual Past, Present, Future Day. YOU (Alumni) play the current SCF team (Present) and we sign our 2012 graduates (Future). Please join us at the SCF softball field to do 2 of softball player's favorite things: Eat & Play BALL! Come out and support the team you help to create! Following the signing there will be food!

Thank you,

Coach Meredith

Please contact me with any questions or with your updated contact info: 

I'd also love any pictures from your team's era for the alumni party and even for the invites! Hope to hear from you soon! Include your names and the years you attended!